Natural Childbirth Classes

This is an 8-10 week series of childbirth education classes, which supports the thought that a mother instinctually knows how to birth her baby. These classes teach an expectant mother to focus within, through her labor of life. By gaining knowledge about the journey of pregnancy, labor and birth, fears are diminished and relieved thus allowing a mother to understand and trust the physical sensations she experiences. The birth partner is taught how to physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually support her throughout this wondrous journey.

Extensive lectures in the birth process and numerous relaxation techniques are discussed including breath awareness, massage, visualization, vocalization, aromatherapy, acupressure, movement and positioning. Other topics covered include: exercise, nutrition, anatomy, birth planning, cesarean section prevention, breastfeeding and baby care. Every birth is different for every woman and in many ways an individualized experience. With this said, I also believe that one must have a knowledge base regarding the choices available. Class discussions will include natural, non-pharmaceutical techniques to manage your labor as well as pharmaceutical options. Birth planning and preparation will include the risk vs benefits of medical interventions, that way the expectant mother and her partner make the best decision for their birth as it unfolds. My classes are well balanced with information and hands on practice. These classes will prepare a family for a hospital, birth center or homebirth experience.

It's recommended that you sign up for this course at least three months prior to your due date.

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