Baby Care & Breastfeeding

Becoming a parent is one of the most special moments in your lifetime. Along with all the excitement and joy, many new parents have a million questions and concerns. Preparing yourself with education and information can make the transition into parenthood a more positive and relaxed experience. Birthing Wisdom's baby care class covers the many physical and emotional issues concerning new parents today. Hands-on demonstration of baby-care basics including, bathing, diapering (cloth and disposable), umbilical cord care, sleep patterns, car seat safety and feeding. This class is a 2 hour class offered monthly. Private classes also are available.

Birthing Wisdom's Breastfeeding class offers parents a head start on successful breastfeeding. This is a great opportunity for the mother-to-be (and her partner) to learn all the basic breastfeeding skills such as: benefits to mother & baby, good positioning, latching and understanding the signals to know when early breastfeeding is going well. Breastpumping and returning to work is also addressed with topics such as: choosing the right breast pump, milk collection and storage. This is a 2 hour class offered monthly. Private classes also are available.

To receive further information or to sign up for the next class go to Contact Info.

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